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August 2015

Urgent Update: Payments to Money Breeders now due at time of filing, either by check (held until Federal refund is issued) or through credit card/debit card, or cash.

In prior tax seasons, the fees due to Money Breeders for tax preparation services could be deducted from your refund and deposited directly to our company; however, we have learned recently that the IRS is no longer allowing multiple account direct deposits and can only deposit into an account that belongs to a taxpayer. Due to this change, clients will need to provide payment at the time of their appointment.

--If you have already received your refund, please contact us immediately to provide payment and keep your account in good standing.

--If you have had your appointment but not yet received your refund, we will hold your check/payment until the refund is deposited to your account.

We greatly appreciate your understanding of this change in our policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Upcoming Office Closure:
Our office will be closed from August 29-September 14. If you have any pending issues or questions, please contact us before that time.

Post-season Office Hours:
We are reverting to our off-season hours: Tuesday-Thursday by appointment only, 10am-4pm with a lunch closure of 12-2pm.

Employment Opportunity: Receptionist
We wish a fond farewell to our long-time receptionist, Michelle Bedolla, and thank her for all her hard work - it is much appreciated! We welcome our interim receptionist Luisa Alonso, and announce the availability of this position. If you are interested in applying, please refer to the details here. Thank you!

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IRS Tax Extension Deadline: October 15, 2015