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February 2015

Update: Prior to your appointment, please download and read/fill out our updated Client Tax Organizer and General Information forms. Each of these documents has been updated to include important information regarding the Affordable Care Act. These documents are housed in our Info Center, and you may visit the IRS web site to read more about how the Affordable Care Act may relate to your tax return.

Also, please be aware that the IRS has recently increased the percentage of audits that it performs. Any of our clients who have received audit notices should:

A) Review the disclosures enclosed with their tax returns regarding audits,
B) Contact Money Breeders rather than the IRS so we can coordinate the audit, and
C) Do so in a timely manner so that we don't lose opportunities due to delays, and to avoid compromising the Assurance Insurance provided to you by Money Breeders.

Finally, due to this audit increase, Angela has been very busy and is handling each case as quickly as possible. She will contact each client after reviewing their notice. We respectfully request that all clients take note of our appointment policy; unscheduled client visits cannot be addressed without prior review of all paperwork. This policy ensures that all parties involved are completely prepared to discuss their case.


Happy New Year!

Getting ready for the new tax season? Here are a few helpful facts:

  • The IRS announced that the official opening for personal returns is January 20th, and January 9th for businesses.
  • If you do not yet have your W-2's at the time of your appointment, you will have to reschedule the appointment or drop off your return once you have all your paperwork. It can take twice as long to complete a return that is paused due to missing paperwork then restarted at a later date.
  • Final pay stubs should be brought along with all other documents.

Look for more information as the season progresses. Welcome to 2015!

Visit our News and Updates page for past information about this tax season.